Program Description

Program Description
The patient participates in a four-day outpatient program of patient-responsible, active rehabilitation. Upon referral from the patient’s physician, an initial evaluation and interview are conducted by a Low Back Rehabilitation Program-certified physical therapist. The therapist:
Assesses functional abilities and limitations and determines appropriateness for participation
Measures baseline functional performance and accesses subjective information
Establishes ability to participate in and comply with active rehabilitation
Discusses patient-specific functional goals
The program includes three components, designed to meet the individual needs of each patient. Directed daily participation in these components develops understanding and ensures mastery that will allow the patient to meet their rehabilitation goals.

Prior to completing the four days, the patient develops and implements a personalized self-management plan that incorporates the acquired knowledge and skills into a home management plan which is easily integrated into their home and work environment.
At four-week intervals as needed, the patient is reevaluated by the physical therapist to ascertain progress against their individual goals and modify or reinforce the self-management program to promote continued progress. At 12, 26, 52, and 104 weeks the patient is evaluated in a telephone follow up by clinical staff to track compliance with the home management plan and their continued progress.